Monday, June 28, 2010

A question of style AND substance

Anne and I met Julia Zemiro from Rockwiz this morning and I found her absolutely delightful – she is as smart, funny and gorgeous in person as she appears on TV (not that I actually thought she would be any different).
I have a confession to make you see and it revolves around my mixed feelings about the world of fashion and celebrity. I left the world of fashion and beauty PR nearly 10 years ago now and I was pretty disillusioned (and burnt out) about it all when I did. I didn’t like the ugly side of the business – the egos, the bitchiness and the pretentiousness of some people (not all and not the majority) I had come across during that time. I never got into fashion for the so called glamour (working behind the scenes I can tell you there is nothing glamorous about it) or to meet famous people. I’ve always loved clothes and been a girly girl since I was a young child (the eldest of three girls no less who refused to wear nothing but dresses!). And I love art and design and meeting creative people who think a bit differently about life.
In my 30s, I moved into the corporate world and more serious work in corporate communications and thought perhaps that this is where I would stay. But the urge to do something more creative was always there nagging at me. I had discounted fashion as perhaps not being a noble enough or intellectual enough pursuit even though it has always been one of my great passions. Fashion is a thing of beauty, a thing of art and self-expression and returning to fashion on my own terms has been somewhat of a revelation – it has felt like returning home. Can you be a person of both style and substance? I think you can be and with Green Eyed Monster, this dream is being realised

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