Sunday, June 27, 2010

What price do you put on privacy?

Was contacted by Julia Zemiro one of my fave TV celebs today who has kindly taken Anne and I up on our offer of one or two complimentary T-shirts – meeting her on Monday and I can’t wait! We’ve already sent some off to a small number of Australian women like Cate Blanchett, Miranda Kerr and Isabel Lucas because of their interest in the environment and eco-fashion.

As I read the Age today and saw the write ups on our new female PM Julia Gillard and also that poor unfortunate Master Chef contestant Jo who has been absolutely vilified on Facebook – it made me think about the price you pay for celebrity, fame or whatever you want to call it. While it’s nice to be recognised for your talent or skills – is being judged by people who’ve never met you or having assumptions made based on how you appear to them (and not necessarily who you really are) worth it? The price of fame vs the price of privacy – I’m not sure you can actually put a figure on that one…

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