Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Paris, je t'aime

It's freezing here in Melbourne at the moment. I'm not a big fan of winter at all - I hate the cold. I'm also tired and grumpy - I realise I've been barking at my poor hubby and yelling at the kids. Not good.

Anne and I are meeting with our prospective new face and body today - the lovely Claire - as well as starting to seriously work out the details for our stand. The countdown is starting.

I've been reading a book Anne has lent me on the life of Christian Dior and it's dawned on me that most of my art and design influences are all French - Art Deco and Paul Poiret, Coco Chanel, Christian Dior and Hubert de Givenchy who dressed my style icon Audrey Hepburn. Paris is the home of fashion and looking at some of Dior's beautiful creations and reading about his life has provided some inspiration in the cold depths of winter.

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