Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Walking the talk

Ok. While we are first and foremost a fashion brand, we also believe in sustainability. Sustainability is now considered the fourth pillar of design when it comes to creating new products.

Since I've come on board, I've drafted up an environmental/ethical policy for Green Eyed Monster including the concept of product stewardship ie looking after the products you make from start to finish. We encourage all our fans out there to recycle used GEM clothing via the Give Now community program and we've noticed another major retailer has just launched a similar program.

I subscribe online to both Ecouterre and Inhabitat newsletters in the US where eco-fashion and green design are big business. The feature story in this week's Ecouterre in an inspiring one. "This September, New York City will unveil one of the largest textile-recycling initiatives in the country. Its purpose: To make recycling unwanted threads as pain-free as pitching them in the garbage." Now that's what I call leading by example.

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