Sunday, December 5, 2010

Feeling jolly!

We got mentioned in yesterday's Sunday Age M Magazine courtesy of our lovely stockist Sue at Lily and the Weasel in Richmond. Was a bit of a thrill to see our name in print!

Give Now week has just finished. Anne and I support Give Now and receive their Give Now News official newsletter. I mentioned the other day I was having dilemmas on how to be more green this Christmas - there's some great information on how to enjoy a sustainable Christmas in their latest edition. You can subscribe by visiting

A big shout out too today to Anne's big girl Amelia who was in hospital over the weekend. We hope she's feeling better soon.

Xmas Tip: Use ribbon or string instead of stickytape to wrap presents. Stickytape isn’t biodegradable, and also prevents the wrapping paper being reused.

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