Monday, December 13, 2010

What to wear...

I'm having wardrobe dilemnas trying to work out what to wear on Christmas day. Yes, I know my life must be pretty cruisy at the moment if these are the hardest decisions I have to make. I'm still recovering from three Christmas celebrations in a row over the weekend.

So, it's come down to three outfits - none of which are new. I have a vintage dress I bought on Ebay which I love but have worn a number of times now - it's 50s style and wraps around with a full circle skirt in a pale cream with a watermelon pink bird print. My second choice is also a goodie - a Sportsgirl dress also made of a feather print vintage fabric with spaghetti straps and above the knee - good if it's a really hot day.

My final outfit which is pretty special is a red net Vixen dress with silver print that I bought many years ago - it is a real statement outfit and I'm leaning towards that. Mind you, if the weather is cooler - all these outfits are out and I will go some pants with my Green Eyed Monster kaftan top. There! At least I'm sorted now : )

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