Wednesday, December 15, 2010

La Dolce Vita

Every year around this time, I start dreaming of living down at the beach. We don't have a beach house but we'd love one. It's been interesting getting to know who's who in the design world. A lot of our contemporaries have made the sea or tree change and I think it's such a brave move. Anne and her family have not ruled out a tree change in the future although I would miss her being so close to me.

It's inspiring to hear about people doing more with less, growing their own vegies, buying at their local markets and shops and giving their kids the opportunity to grow up in a beautiful environment away from the craziness of the city and suburbs. I mentioned Kim Kneipp from The sustainable stylist a little while ago who now lives in Daylesford and in the mean time I have also made another friend. Crystal Leahy is a Singaporean ex-pat married to an Aussie and now living the dream life down on the Mornington Peninsula. She has a fantastic blog called the crystal bawl (so funny!) accompanied by her beautiful photography.

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