Thursday, October 28, 2010

From little things, big things grow

I ended up emailing my responses to Maggie and Betsy in the US for their book 'Defying Gravity'. I'm not sure where it will lead but I've been happy to share the story about Anne and me and our partnership.

I've also been reading about other female entrepreneurs. Marie Hatzis from Hussy and Yeojin Bae are both in partnerships with their sisters who look after the financial/operations side of the business. Anne and I also subscribe to Clare Lancaster's Women in Business newsletter and one of her articles today is on women who've been so successful with their blogs that their partners have been able to give up their day jobs

It is inspiring. When I first met Anne I gave her a number of articles to look at, one was on our design hero Lisa Gorman. We both love her stuff even though not all of it is organic. She has also had to go off shore to stay in business. Doing sustainable fashion isn't easy. Anne and I would like to keep GEM organic and continue to make it here but time will tell.

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