Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blogs away!

There are a number of newsletters, blogs and websites I subscribe to - mainly sustainable fashion, art & design related. Overseas newsletters include Ecouterre in New York and the Ethical Fashion Forum in the UK. Here, I love Michi Girl (check out Kat Mcleod's beautiful illustrations), How Big is Your Eco, Give Now, The Design Files, Lady Melbourne and our friend Natasha Kershaw's Fashion Rebel. There's also a lovely blog called The Balm (more beauty related) who have been kind enough to feature us in the past.

Alex Hume from online store Ecofashionista has invited Anne and I to attend her Spring Preview Night tomorrow night to view her gorgeous new range. Her friend Joyce should also be there. Joyce is a lawyer, produces Mel:Hot or Not (a daily review of all things Melbourne) as well as has her own bicycle accessories range called Cycle Style. There are a lot of clever men and women out there blogging away and I do wonder what this means for traditional print media like newspapers and magazines.

Tip of the Day: There's a great free online PR service called Source Bottle. If you're wanting to promote yourself, your product or service - check it out.

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