Monday, October 18, 2010

It's nice to be wanted

I mentioned the other day that I wasn't expecting a lot of love back from our traditional Spring Summer PR effort. Sometimes I do feel like I'm pushing water uphill so it's been nice to have some interest from other people!

Firstly, there are a couple of women Betsy and Maggie from Mulberry Tree Consulting in the US who are writing a book called 'Defying Gravity' on female partnerships. They were interested in our story - the fact that we are from Australia and that we work with organic fabrics. They'd contacted us a little while ago wanting to interview us but we'd knocked them back as we felt it was early days in our partnership and because our partnership arrangement is an informal one at the moment.

Secondly, we'd also been approached by Jacinta Burchall, who runs the Black Cat boutique in Healesville, regarding her sustainable fashion competition - the 9lives project. Again, we had pulled out of the race but she's also been in touch again encouraging us to participate.

So we've said (or I've said) yes to both requests. I'm more than happy to share our journey with people who are interested in our story and the best thing about the 9lives project for us is the opportunity to be mentored by someone like Tiffany Treloar - a leading Australian sustainable fashion designer - should we be successful.

Tip of the Day: Balance a critical eye with an open mind when it comes to requests - a little kindness can sometimes go a long way and many opportunities can come from unexpected places.

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