Friday, October 29, 2010

Hot to trot

Things are slowly happening. Matt Paroz from How Big is your Eco is going to feature us at some stage soon! That's really exciting. Heide Museum of Modern Art has also got back to us - the organisers have decided to postpone the Design Square due to technical problems but I'm going to follow them up anyway next week just to have a chat with the Heide Store manager.

Been reading all the Spring Racing Carnival publicity leading up the Melbourne Cup. I have to say I'm not really into the races (maybe because I don't drink or gamble) but I do love looking at the fashion.

I love the fact that Jaydee Paino who won Fashions on the Field in Cairns last weekend wore an $18 vintage dress bought online from Nashville. Have also been looking at some of the luxury brands' latest print advertising. Interestingly Edun - the eco fashion brand created by U2 singer Bono and his partner Ali Hewson - has actually teamed up with Louis Vuitton in its newest campaign supporting the Cotton Conservation Initiative in Uganda.

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