Thursday, October 14, 2010

PR Darling

OK, I've mentioned before I didn't get into fashion PR for the so-called glamour and I don't think I fit the usual Ab Fab stereotype. Nevertheless, getting our name out there is something we must do.

I've just finished emailing newspapers and some magazines about our range. I'm not 100% hopeful that anything will actually come of it. It can be pretty soul destroying working in PR, journalists and fashion editors are busy people who get inundated with media releases every day so it's difficult to have any cut-through unless you have a unique angle or hook.

Which brings me to the topic of social media. Again, it's not something you can control but I've actually come around to the idea of using Twitter, Facebook and blogging. I used to think it was a bit narcissistic but I can now see the benefits of being able to interact with people, often in real time. It's much more focused on people as individuals which I also really like.

Tip of the Day: Even if you don't think you'll use it, register your brand name on Twitter and Facebook.

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