Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Keepin' it local

Yesterday I submitted our application to the Heide Design Square being held at Heide Museum of Modern Art next month in Bulleen where I grew up (which is around the corner from where Anne and I live now). We would so love to be considered for it or the Heide store. Heide is one of the best things about living around here.

One of the things I've discovered with running a business from home is that it's best to start off with those people closest to you. For me, it means telling my friends and family what I'm doing. Anne feels it's a bit Amway and isn't comfortable with the idea of 'selling' to her friends and family but for me, a lot of my nearest and dearest are into fashion and independent design and want to support what we do (you know who you are). I don't believe in shoving things down people's throats either - people will either like our stuff or not but with my PR hat on - at least give people the information so they're aware of what we do and can make their own decision.

The other thing we've recently realised is that it's simply too hard for us to get out and about and as working mothers, it's easier to concentrate on our online business and stay in the local area which is the City of Banyule. One of the things we've done more recently is join our local business association and this has given us access to a free business advisory service.

Tip of the Day: Check out your local city council website and find out what services are available to you

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