Thursday, November 18, 2010

The business of fashion

Make no mistake. Fashion is a business. You only need to look at the major and minor department stores to know that. Years ago, when I worked for Aveda, I was told that our population here was too small to really support fashion and beauty, but that many companies launched in Australia as a platform to get into the Asian market.

I've been reading about the Stella McCartney range at Target already being marked down with no major PR launch to fashion media (bar bloggers). My best friend who is a fashion buyer also fronted up to work this week to find out that four of her fellow buyers were made redundant. It is cut throat out there and like any business, it's sell or die.

On a more positive note, I've also been reading about the Australians in New York Fashion Foundation for up and coming young Australians. Susan Joy who is a friend from a long time ago is one of the honorary members of the foundation. She went to New York many years ago to launch her career and now has her own styling and creative services business there. Now that is truly inspiring.

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