Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Working it

We're in How Big is Your Eco today! What a great idea Matt Paroz has come up with - an all Australian eco-ethical fashion directory. It's inspiring to be in such good company.

And I followed up Heide Museum of Modern Art today and had a chat to Claire, the store manager and buyer. They are going to re-schedule the Heide Design Square event for early next year so we will definitely put ourselves forward again. They have also traditionally had a preference for Australian designed and made product which a lot of our retailers share.

There's been a lot of publicity on the Australian dollar nearly at parity with the US and it's not necessarily good news for Australian retailers with potential customers choosing to buy online from US sites. Strangely, I don't think about it a lot - maybe because we're in the eco fashion realm and maybe because we're Australian designed and made...I think our customers are pretty loyal to us for both reasons.

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