Monday, November 8, 2010


Must admit I am still getting used to networking online. I'd much rather meet people face to face but then again, I am a gen Xer - this stuff is all new to me...Anne and I will also be ramping up our social media activity in the New Year.

Our second lot of production is now ready so Anne will be doing deliveries to our retailers over the next week and we should also have more to sell online. I ended up getting in touch with Heide from Earth Greetings just to let her know I'd mentioned her cards here and now we're doing a Christmas cross promotion with her! Our brand values are pretty similar - designed and made in Australia, sustainable, stylish etc so that's the nicest thing about hooking up with a like-minded person. I'd actually previously bought her cards when Anne and I were sending product to celebrities earlier this year.

Also been working on our next e-newsletter which will hopefully go out in the next week or so.

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