Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Green Christmas

Anne and I are like ships in the night at the moment. She's still working her day job and we've only been communicating via email. Feels a little strange so hopefully we will catch up face to face before Christmas when things slow down a little.

I've been working my way through my Christmas list and am slowly getting there. I have bought 2 - 3 gift vouchers for things like experiences and charities as well as musical instruments, craft activities and toys for the children in my life. It's not easy being green - I'm conscious of buying things that are not made of plastic or with too much packaging.

As for Christmas Day, which I am hosting for my family this year, well don't even get me started. Real tree or plastic? Bon bons or not? Meat or seafood - which of the two is more sustainable/environmentally friendly? Aaargh! I am sure I'll get there in the end and at the end of the day, Christmas is not about the bright lights and tinsel, it's about the love we share with our friends and family and a time to be grateful for all that we already have in this lucky country of ours.

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